Saturday, November 28, 2015

Money Mad Martians The New Base Game Math

Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash slot machine, is quite a popular slot machine on the FOBTs in USA bookmakers and Bingo halls, in fact it is becoming nearly as popular as Rainbow Riches in bingo halls like Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo

If you have every played Money Mad Martians offline at somewhere like Mecca Bingo, they you will have probably noticed a variety of Money Mad Martians slots, all very similar. The first being the version that you can play above for free, the second being a three reeled slot machine, and the third being a community slot which can be played with other players. No matter which one is your favorite, the slot game is all the same, and all come with two bonus games and one reel feature. You will also be happy to know that Money Mad Martians online, is the exact same Barcrest slot that you will have played on a FOBT

This game is out of this world with features! It offers the ever-popular Red White & Blue ®  Wild Star®base game for higher hit frequency, and with each additional credit bet on the base game players have incentives to win higher bonus prizes.

Money Mad Martians Bonus:

• When the bonus symbol lands on the third reel, the reel symbol lights up and the bonus game takes off on a galactic top box game board.
• Spaceships fall from the sky into different columns containing credit values.
• If multiple aliens fall into the same column, they stack up from bottom to top.
• For the maximum wager (three credits), four UFOs land on four different credit values, then players receive four offers to accept the total credit amount or try again for a higher combined credit value.
• If two credits are played, two UFOs land on two different credit values, then players receive three offers to accept or reject the bonus credit amount.
• If one credit is played, one UFO lands and players receive two offers.
• The goal is to accept the highest credit value offered.
• If all UFOs land in the center column on any one offer with three credits bet, players win a stellar 1,175 credits

Game Play Features:

• Now available with the ever-popular Red White & Blue Wild Star base game for higher hit frequency. 
• During bonus game play, players are offered an award which they may accept or try again for another offer up to four offers. 
• With each additional credit bet (up to three) on the base game, players have incentives to win higher bonus prizes.

Reel functions have become quite famous on video slots these days, and are functions that arise at random and praise the player. Within the case of Barcrests Cosmic cash slot system, the reel characteristic is a reshuffle of the reels to make a none triumphing spin right into a win spin. This reel feature may be visible taking vicinity inside the photograph underneath the loose play cash Mad Martians slot system above.

The asteroid bonus sport, the first of the two bonus video games is a sophisticated pick out me bonus, where the participant gets to pick several rewards by means of approach of selecting asteroids. Hiding in the back of each asteroid on this bonus recreation is a multiplier or a Martian, revealing a Martian will reason all surrounding Asteroids to blow up, giving the player a better bonus win.

The Planets Bonus is the primary bonus recreation, and really not often visible. On this bonus recreation the money Mad Martians will fly via planets all that have a one of a kind value ranging form 50 times your stake and as much as 500 instances your gambling stake (the cash Mad Martians jackpot). Both bonus video games are activated via revealing an advantage image on reels one, 3 and five.

Below Are Two Videos Which Show The Money Mad Martians Bonus Games In Play.